What is a Sleep Diary?

If you have difficulty falling asleep or wake up frequently during the night, a sleep diary can help you identify patterns or behaviours that might be negatively affecting your sleep. Making a note of your daily habits can illuminate the things you commonly do that might be causing you sleepless nights. 12 14

Why is a Sleep Diary important?

A sleep diary can help you identify the need for lifestyle changes, which could make a difference to your sleep health in the long-term. You may be doing things that you aren’t even aware of that hinder your sleep. Your sleep diary can help you narrow these things down and take positive steps towards better sleep health. 12 14

How Do I Complete a Sleep Diary?

Print out a few copies and then take a few minutes each morning and evening to complete the questions laid out in the sleep diary. There are seven days already marked out and ready to complete – you don’t need to wait for a Monday to start – you can start today.

At the end of the week (or seven days), review your diary to see if there are any patterns that might be affecting your sleep and then you can systematically “weed out” these bad habits as you go along.

Download Your Sleep Diary